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WOCBEAUTY (Women of Colour Beauty) is an online beauty and cosmetics platform for women of colour and diverse ethnicities. Based in Canada, we globally source and curate the best beauty and lifestyle products for women of diverse backgrounds with various skin tones who also love beauty.

When it comes to beauty and skincare, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all and that Canadian women of colour should not be limited in their choice of colours, shades or textures. WOCBEAUTY is a space and platform where the collective diversity of Canadian women of colour can be celebrated.

We want to empower women of colour to accept and embrace their diversity, redefine traditional standards of beauty and connect with other Canadian women of colour across the world to create a global network.



From cult classic, must-haves to new indie favourites, we pride ourselves on our selection of products from ethnically diverse beauty brands. We partner with brands from across the globe, focusing on black-owned companies, that produce safe, quality, and ethically- produced products. At WOCBEAUTY, we want to work with brands whose mission mirror our passion for enhancing the beauty of women of colour in Canada.

By partnering with local and international businesses in addition to collaborations with experts, makeup artists, and beauty influencers, WOCBEAUTY will bring international beauty discovery to Canadian consumers.



At WOCBEAUTY, our mission is three-fold. We want to become a global community where shopping is a memorable experience, we want to bring international skin care and beauty products to the Canadian consumer, and we want to use our platform to empower women of colour across nationalities, ages, and shades.



Through our website, blog, social media channels, and our annual educational events, our goal is to build and strengthen a community for women of colour and diverse ethnicities interested in beauty, makeup and skin care.

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